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A Rare Mix

Real-World Skills

My classes and coaching teach you skills you can use in daily life. Such as how to improvise a speech and how to enjoy more engaging conversations with new people.

Shy Safe

Most of my students are introverts, and some are extremely shy. But you'd never know it, because in no time they act like the most outgoing, creative people alive.


Most improv classes are designed for comedy and teach the same ideas. But to give my students the real-life results they want, I've created and refined strategies you can't learn anywhere else.

Chad's story

"Because I struggled, you won't have to."

My father died when I was young, so my mother raised three kids on her own. Being a shy homeschooled kid, I wound up mostly friendless and alone.

As an adult, everything was a struggle. Since I lacked confidence and communication skills, I failed in more ways than anyone has a right to fail. I even got turned down for a job because during the interview I was slow at thinking on my feet. (Not promising for a future improvisation teacher!)

It took years of effort, but I finally learned how to enjoy public speaking, feel at ease talking with new people, and communicate confidently.

That's good news for you. Since I had to learn everything from scratch, I know how to teach the same skills to you in a step-by-step approach. Plus, I've spent years perfecting how to teach those skills in a way that's simple, fun, and engaging.


Read what my students say

I wanted to personally thank you for your class and its role in my professional development. I set a goal earlier last year to be accepted into my company's global development program, which is competitive.

I achieved that goal! I am currently writing to you from our branch in Hamburg, Germany! I believe the boost of confidence the improv training gave to my presentation skills played a role in achieving that goal.

Spencer Breseman

Senior Internal Auditor at Holland America Line

Phone coaching with Chad was a great experience. I was preparing for a job interview and Chad was flexible to line up coaching sessions for my tight and busy schedule...

I noticed results after the first session, during a virtual meeting the next day. It was an eye-opener on how much easier remote communication can be when you’re equipped with the right tools. As to the job interview, I secured a very good offer.

Sergey Kanzhelev

Software Engineer at Google

Zillow hired Chad to help build bridges among several teams within the organization that had some challenges in getting on the same page for working styles and collaboration. I have to say that Chad delivered on our goals and objectives well above expectations...

While the initial idea of doing improv training seemed to strike terror into the hearts of the teams initially, I received feedback from multiple people that it was some of the best business training we have done at Zillow.

Laura Eddy

Sr. Director, Customer Insights at Zillow


Take the Path That's Best for You

Rather than teach in a one-size-fits-all way, I offer you a range of learning choices. That way you can pick what works best for your life.

Want personalized instruction? Try one-on-one coaching. Want to learn with lots of great people even during the pandemic? Try an online class series. Want your whole company to benefit? Try a corporate workshop designed for your team.

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