Personalized Coaching Makes Improving Your Communication Skills Faster and Easier

One-on-one coaching by phone or Zoom allows you to learn the same skills students learn in my Think on Your Feet Mastery classes. And it allows you to learn skills that aren't normally covered in those classes but that may be vital for you. Plus, you can learn those skills from anywhere... even sitting on the couch in your pajamas!

There are numerous benefits to coaching:

  • You'll get lots of personalized feedback. (More than you could ever get in a group class.)
  • We'll go at the perfect pace for you—you won't ever feel rushed or slowed by other students.
  • You can do it when it's most convenient for you. So you'll never have to miss a class or feel time-crunched.
  • There's not a moment wasted on skills that don't apply to you—coaching focuses on exactly what you need.
  • You can ask questions and make mistakes without fear of looking foolish. It's a low-pressure and fun way to learn.

If you want to be added to the waitlist to do coaching with me, just use the chat box in the lower right-hand corner of your screen to tell me about yourself, your challenges, and your goals.


Listen to My Past Coaching Students

I nailed it...

"My big presentation to potential customers went extremely well. I received tons of compliments and heard from a couple people that I nailed it. About 2/3rds of the audience expressed interest in talking to me. Thank you so much."

Sandhya Padala  //  Founder and CEO of Rex Academy

New, refreshing, and powerful...

George Franco  //  Emmy Nominated TV Reporter

My career depends on it...

“I’m a TV writer and my career success depends on being able to pitch ideas in front of a group of writers and producers all day. There is little room for shyness!

Chad’s classes and one-on-one coaching gave me the tools I needed to tap into my creativity, think and respond quicker, and not get caught up in overthinking. His classes provide a great arena to practice in front of other people. And his communication games are fun and challenging and will bring you out of your shell. I highly recommend Chad’s classes and coaching.”

LA Smith  //  TV writer, producer, and story editor

Exponential growth...

Michael Philbrick  //  Principal Enterprise Architect at Salesforce

Fun and priceless...

"I was at a big transition point in my life, and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. I decided that I wanted to become a better story teller, but I had no idea where to start. I really knew nothing about storytelling, just that I had a lot of stories that I wanted to share...

Chad worked with me from the ground up on structure and components of a story, story telling exercises to improve specific aspects of my stories, and numerous ways to make each story come alive. I feel like I am improving with each lesson, and it has been a tremendous amount of fun! His expertise has been priceless."

Alaire Lowe  //  Speech Language Pathologist

Knew exactly how to guide me...

Alec McDaniel  //  Recent Business Management Graduate

Communicate more effectively...

Rajesh Kesavalalji  //  Software Engineer at Nordstrom

Beyond my expectations...

"Truthfully, I was hoping to play a few theater games via phone each week to stave off depression and keep my brain agile while in self-isolation. What I got was life-enhancing and glorious.

Chad provided education and structure with his wonderfully written book. Laughing through each session, I noticed my body ailments diminishing and my brain perking up. His humor, friendship, and intuitive coaching are a blessing I look forward to every week.

I plan on being a lifelong client, with a longer-than-average life expectancy. Thank you, Chad!

P.S. He has also become a valued and skilled writing coach, inspiring a dormant passion."

Susie Stockholm  //  Artist

More comfortable with people...

Sean Russell //  Data Systems Engineer at Boeing

Public speaking ease...

"I was invited to facilitate a three-day event for a large group at one of my key clients, which is a Fortune 100 company. I worried my comfort level with mid-size groups would not translate to an audience of this extent. I wanted to keep the personal touch, remain present for all and keep the energy level high. I was hoping to relax, get out of my head and have fun, so I signed up for coaching with Chad.

He pushed my limits while respecting my authentic style. Chad is a great listener and observer, and he gives actionable feedback. His easygoing and encouraging approach helps risk taking and just experimenting. As a result of his work I had good reviews all around. They told me I was personable and easy to connect with."

Asli Aker  //  Coach and Consultant

Aced job interview...

"Phone coaching with Chad was a great experience. I was preparing for a job interview and Chad was flexible to line up coaching sessions for my tight and busy schedule.

With the fun exercises and thorough coaching, I gained new skills of active listening and improvisation. Chad’s feedback on my speaking skills helped me to become better at expressing my ideas. Seemingly easy exercises make your brain spin very fast, heart race, and concentrate all your attention on the conversation.

I noticed results after the first session, during a virtual meeting the next day. It was an eye opener on how much easier remote communication can be when you’re equipped with the right tools. As to the job interview, I secured a very good offer."

Sergey Kanzhelev  //  Principle Software Engineer at Microsoft

Executive communication skills...

"I really enjoyed working with Chad on improving my communication skills, and especially focused on executive communication. I realized that communication is the main key for me to keep progressing in my corporate life, and also acknowledged its tremendous impact in all areas of my life. Hence, I decided to take Chad's course to be able to communicate in an effective and concise manner, but also be able to think on my feet. Chad is not only an expert in his field but also dedicated towards teaching and getting the best of his students. He promptly reminded me of upcoming sessions and was generous with his time as he often spent more than the stipulated one hour to ensure I fully understood the lesson.

We covered a lot of ground across eight sessions, from learning the basics of conversing with someone to narrating stories in the workplace. Chad differentiates himself by providing a content rich and easy to understand companion document for each of his lessons. The document drives home the key points of the lesson and is something tangible that participants can take back from each lesson. These documents are actual chapters from Chad's upcoming book on communication; what a treat! I am sure it's going to be a bestseller.

I plan to continue working with Chad and go deep into certain areas, specifically storytelling in the workplace. Being an effective communicator is one of life's invaluable skills and Chad is one of those rare master's who can help you get to your final destination."

Karan Verma  //  Principle Product Manager at Amazon

Overcome stage fright...

"Learning to think on my own feet nearly crippled me for many years. I bet this has been the cause of my stage fright. I just had to sign up for this personalized phone coaching class to get to the root of this problem, which I did. I can confidently say that I am a better communicator. This is the best decision I made this spring. I liked the fact that Chad could take time with me and narrow down to a specific problem. I recommend this to anyone that wants to improve their communication skills."

Daniel Njuguna  //  Caregiver